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Need to change something?

Involve your body.

Are you looking for an holistic approach that involves your body and you as person?

You are looking for someone who understands you and that needs time and space?


I am happy to support if you suffer from:





chronic pain

sleep disorders

physical complaints

difficult relationships

healing processes after surgery


about me

I have always been interested in how different and unique each person is. I remember to love watching people when I was a child. Increasingly, I was also fascinated by how we express ourselves through our body: 

how we move, what we express, what we hold and what moves us.


Whenever we are dealing with challenges - whether in my role as a consultant and trainer in organizations or in a therapeutic context - the body provides access to change. I am convinced that there is still so much untapped potential when we include our body:

through and with our body we can come into resonance with others and with the world. We can use it as a medium to understand ourselves, to come into flow, to release blockades, to change perspectives and above all: to arrive at us.


We live in a time in which we have to 

constantly adapt to new challenges.

Time pressure, information overload or being torn

between the demands of our family, our job and our own needs.

Again and again we are asked to find strategies and ways to deal with stressful situations, to take care of ourselves,

and to take back control of our lives. 

"There is no illness of the body except for the mind."

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