what can you gain from a session?
how do I work?

Learn to accept and take what is there, not fighting against it,

but bringing it into flow and developing it to something else.


If we want to change something, we need clarity, courage, strength and ideas in our heads. For such situations our body offers an enormous variety of possibilities to support these change processes profoundly. The new becomes more tangible, can be anchored more sustainably and promotes our emotional growth.

In my sessions I support you, helping you to find clarity and to make your inner strengths visible and usable for you. I help you to let go of the past, to process pain, to give new ideas strength and space, and to find your own way. 


At its core it is about bringing your abilities to light, mobilizing inner forces and growing a tangible connection to your body and your feelings. This enables you to feel more at home in your body, to change perspectives, and to create space for new things in order to realize your individual goals. 

A single session lasts 60 minutes. With a combination of conversations, movement and through Mindful (Achsamen) handling of your body, your thoughts, desires and needs, I accompany you in your development.



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Interested in learning more about me, or do you have specific questions?

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and I am happy to talk to you or meet you in my office.


You will get to know me and how I work.

What would you like to achieve or get over?

Do you have any wishes for change?

What would you like to learn?


It usually takes about 4 to 7 sessions to bring sustainable change into your life.


Or maybe a single session every now and then might be the right thing for you. 


initial consultation or meeting

as needed

I practice the Pantarei Approach. The approach is not considered a medical therapy, nor can it be used as a substitute for any kind of necessary medical treatment. I do not offer medical diagnoses, nor treatments for physical or psychiatric conditions. My work neither seeks to replace appropriate professional guidance, nor does it make any healing promises. For additional information please refer to the Pantarei Approach website.
free of charge

first session

60-90 min

50 EUR
5 sessions
340 EUR

every following session

60 min

80 EUR
10 sessions
630 EUR