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of back pains have

psychologically reasons.*


of the population suffer from chronic pain without any organic indication that would explain it.*

Quelle: *Deutsche Schmerzgesellschaft e.V.

did you know, that

With our body we are able to change thinking, feelings and actions,
and that in dimensions in which language has no access to.

Reden alleine hilft oft nicht

Warum wir unseren Körper brauchen und wie wir ihn nutzen können

mind (the) body


Body-based coaching




Herangehensweise nach der ich arbeite

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feelings happen in the body

We feel emotions in our body.

From neuroscientific research we know that everything we evaluate emotionally is also "embodied" and finds itself somehow in our body.


This means we could say:

every thought and every action expresses itself in the body. It changes for example heartbeat, muscle tension, respiration, blood pressure or we start sweating, we freeze, etc.

We cannot consciously control many of these changes, but we can

influence them indirectly.

Talking by itself does not always help!

feelings happen 
Through the body

And vice versa we can influence our feelings through the body - really!


This has been found out by analyzing different body postures. If, for example, we let our shoulders hang and make a sad facial expression, then we actually feel more sad.


This means that we can use the body as a medium to change feelings. And in addition to our thoughts and conversations that help us to understand and grow, the body is a wonderful tool to use and ready at hand in the here and now. 

stress and tensions in the body

In stressful situations our basic muscle tensions is higher than normal. Most people know this: we pull up our shoulders, have tension headaches, back pains or tense jaws. 

When it gets stressful the body is on alert, which has protected us evolutionarily from dangers with the fight-or-flight response. Our organism mobilizes enormous energy reserves and converts the entire metabolism to maximum muscle work. In modern everyday life there is hardly any room for a reaction or possibilities to release this energy again. The tension remains literally stuck in us and tensions, pain and chronic complaints can be the result.

Pain without any

organic indication