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We are more than what we THINK

Aktualisiert: 10. Apr. 2019

What to gain with body-based coaching

We as humans are much more than what we think: we have our body. Through body-based coaching we are able to gain back what we sometimes loose when we are busy with our life and therefore very much absorbed by the professional or personal roles we have or think we should have as well as the thoughts and believes that come along with it.

I´m sure you know the feeling of being totally embodied with what you do: energetic, focused, totally with yourself and feeling a coherent state, detached from expectations around you. You know what is good for you and which way to go and the right thing to say in different situations. Whatever you do, feel and experience, you seem to embody it.

The good news is, we can learn to get there!

From neuroscience we know, that everything we rate emotionally is expressed somehow in our body: through heartbeat, muscle tightness, breathing, and so forth. Taken to extremes, this means our personality along with all our feelings, emotions, beliefs and ideas can be found in our body. And body-based coaching starts exactly there: where you embody yourself with your strength and abilities!

For me, the Pantarei Approach works in two different ways. One is a therapeutic effect which is based on the physiological reaction that occurs in what we call the fight-or-flight response. Our organisms react to stress by preparing us for fighting or fleeing. The extra energy that our body has raised to prepare our metabolism for maximal physical work sometimes fails to be released naturally, and our body can get into harmful malregulations. Bodywork sessions can help much to support the process of releasing energy (also known as stress).

The other way the approach works has an empowering effect which allows you to personally grow and reach your full potential. In our head we have often understood what we want to change, what we should do and what not. Besides understanding “in our brain”, we can use our body to feel and embody more of what we are. Because only if we reconnect to our body, we are connected to us with our strength and abilities and the basis of growing personally.

In the personal, but also in the professional life, there is much more room to not only understand change in a cognitive way, but also in an embodied and therefore emotional way.

I strongly believe that sustainable change can only be done, if we as humans are embracing change in more holistic way: thinking and embodying!
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